Don't let surgery intimidate you!

Learn the step-by-step process for getting dental implants at Allez Dental.

Don't let surgery intimidate you!

Learn the step-by-step process for getting dental implants at Allez Dental.

Jan. 5, 2023
2 min read

Embarking on the journey to reclaim your smile through dental implants is a mix of anticipation and uncertainty. To demystify the process and provide a clear path forward, we present a step-by-step guide that takes you through each crucial stage. From the initial examination tailoring your treatment plan to the final unveiling of your transformed smile, this article will navigate the intricate journey of dental implantation. Join us as we explore the comprehensive process, shedding light on each phase and highlighting the remarkable impact these steps can have on restoring not just your teeth but also your confidence.

Step 1. Examination

The examination phase is a crucial starting point in your journey towards dental implants at Allez Dental.  This process, encompassing a comprehensive one-hour session, is led by our highly experienced doctor. Here, we delve into a meticulous review of your medical history, allowing us to gain a thorough understanding of your overall health.

During this thorough examination, our doctor utilizes advanced technology, such as the high-tech drawing board, to scrutinize every corner of your mouth. Relevant X-rays are taken to provide a detailed view of the dental structure and potential challenges. This approach enables us to explore various dental replacement options tailored specifically to your unique case.

The consultation includes a detailed review of anesthesia options, both local and general. We want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Additionally, clear postoperative instructions are provided, including details about medications and specific care for your dental implants in Florida. For your convenience, all these instructions are also sent in writing to your mobile phone.

With this comprehensive approach, the examination at Allez Dental  is not only a medical assessment but a fundamental step towards creating a personalized treatment plan that restores not only your smile but also your confidence in oral health.

Step 2. The Procedure

Dental loss, whether due to cavities, periodontal disease, or accidental injuries, affects a significant portion of the U.S. population. The absence of teeth not only leads to aesthetic problems but also increases the risk of gum diseases, bone loss, and facial sagging. Moreover, damaged teeth beyond repair can cause severe infections, ranging from sinus infections to respiratory problems, and in extreme cases, death.

When a tooth is beyond repair, extraction becomes inevitable. This is where dental implants come into play.

What can be achieved with dental implants? Unlike other treatment options that only replace the visible part of the tooth, Allez Dental  implants offer a more effective solution by restoring both the crown and the root of the lost tooth. These implants are small titanium screws surgically placed in the jawbone, fusing with the bone within 8-12 weeks.

But titanium? Yes, the same material used in race cars. The durability, biocompatibility, and lightness of titanium make it the ideal choice for medical devices, such as dental implants.

Dental implants consist of three parts: the body (or implant post), the abutment, and the restoration (crown, bridge, or denture). This combination provides a solution that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth.

Do dental implants change lives? Absolutely!

The procedure stage is crucial in your dental implant process at Allez Dental . Once you have chosen from the recommended treatment and anesthesia options, we will schedule the day for the procedure.

On the day of the dental implant procedure, you will receive the chosen anesthesia at the beginning. Once it takes effect, we proceed to perform the implant surgery. The duration of the procedure can vary, from 20 minutes to an hour for a single implant, to several hours in the case of a complete mouth reconstruction.

In cases of complete mouth reconstructions, you will be provided with a temporary acrylic denture. Although this denture serves to maintain a normal life, caution is advised with certain foods as the underlying implants are still in the healing process. Once healing is complete, these temporary dentures are replaced with the permanent ones.

The highly skilled team at Allez Dental  strives to create a comfortable and safe environment during the procedure. Our professionals are committed to ensuring your comfort and well-being at every step of the dental reconstructive surgery. From administering anesthesia to initiating the recovery process, we are here to provide patients with a seamless and successful dental implant experience.

"From meticulous examinations to the final step of crown placement, each stage is orchestrated with precision, personalized attention, and a commitment to the dental well-being of the patient”.

Step 3. Recover

The recovery phase is essential to ensure a smooth transition after the procedure. As the anesthesia begins to dissipate, it is normal to experience discomfort in the gums, especially in the deep layer called periosteum. This recovery period may vary depending on the extent of the surgery.

During the first few weeks, caution and adherence to provided postoperative instructions are recommended. Gums generally heal in a couple of weeks, while the bone fuses with the implant in a process called osseointegration, which can take 6 to 8 weeks.

A crucial step during recovery is the follow-up appointment scheduled approximately one week after the procedure. In this consultation, our team will assess your progress and ensure that you are recovering healthily. This follow-up ensures that any questions or concerns you may have are addressed immediately, providing the necessary peace of mind during this crucial phase.

We understand the importance of effective recovery and are committed to providing the ongoing care needed to ensure your well-being and the long-term success of your dental implants. From the start of the procedure to recovery, our comprehensive approach ensures a positive experience and lasting results.

Step 4. Final Stage

The culmination of the dental implant treatment at Allez Dental  occurs eight weeks after the initial procedure. At this stage, the crown or denture is placed over the implant screw. This final step not only completes the aesthetics of your smile but also fully restores the function of the missing tooth.

In the case of a complete dental arch rehabilitation, an implant-supported denture is fixed on a full set of teeth. This final prosthetic component offers a highly realistic appearance and allows you to enjoy all the normal functions of your teeth.

This final step is crucial to ensure that your new teeth not only look natural but also function optimally. Our expert team ensures that the placement of the crown or denture is precise and perfectly aligned, providing you with lasting results and a restored smile.

At Allez Dental : dental implant specialists in Florida, we are committed to offering you more than just dental restoration: we provide a complete care and transformation experience. From the initial assessment step to the exciting final moment of getting your new smile, our highly trained team is here to guide you at every stage of your dental implant journey.

Our team looks forward to providing you with personalized care, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional results. Don't let dental discomfort limit your quality of life. At Allez Dental, we are here to offer you the care you deserve.

Schedule your appointment now and discover the transformative power of a healthy smile at Allez Dental . Your journey towards new confidence and well-being begins here.