What dental care is covered by Medicare?

Going over the ins and outs of Medicare when in use with our dental surgical options.

What dental care is covered by Medicare?

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We go over Medicare coverage for dental care in surgeries, implants and more.

Have you ever wondered if you Medicare Insurance will cover for Dental Implants or Dental Implant-Related Procedures?

For many of our 65+ community, dental ailments are common. This can include missing teeth, generalized tooth decay, periodontal issues, and much more! Such dental issues can severely impact the quality of life that these individuals experience.

On top of the dental distress many of these patient’s experience, the struggle is real to find dental offices who accept their Medicare insurance. Fear and Frustration can drive many to give up on the quest for good dental health all together!

When decay and dental issues become passed a point of repair, patient’s must consider the unfortunate decision to remove their teeth. Tooth decay can not only effect patients smile, but it can cause severe damage to the rest of our body.

Recent studies done at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the alma mater of our lead Doctor Dr. José Beltrán, concluded that one in five adults over the age of 65 have untreated tooth decay. The bacteria causing this decay in the mouth can cause life-threatening complications if left untreated.

Patients who suffer from dental decay are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and or osteoporosis - although it's not directly proven that dental decay causes these ailments. Therefore, it is critical to maintain good oral health.

Removing the teeth badly effected by dental decay is a start to getting back to good health. However, the usual way of replacing this newly-missing-tooth is the traditional denture that reduce our chewing force drastically.

Natural teeth allow for up to 540 pounds of force per square inch, making it a breeze to chew into apples, corn on the cob, and steaks! Dentures, on the other hand, can only accommodate approximately 50 pounds of force per square inch.

Patients begin to despise the artificial teeth that slip and slide in their mouth and prohibit them from enjoying life the way they could before. Eventually the sorrow sets in for these individuals of feeling like they will never be able to eat the foods they loved or live a lifestyle that they are comfortable with.

But fear not, there is a solution to the woes of dentures and its found with the tremendous success of Dental Implants!

Now some may say, why would dental implants be the best option for me? There are several dental implant supported restoration options that are available to patients looking for an alternative to traditional dentures! From fixed solutions to Snap-On removable options, Allez Dental can find the dental implant treatment best suited for your needs and for your budget!

Most solutions allow for patients to get back to the lifestyle they strive for, including enjoying the foods they love without the worry of if their teeth are going to slip slide or fall out!

The best news is at Allez Dental, we can utilize patients Medicare plans to reduce qualifying patient’s out of pocket expense for common dental implant procedures by up to 25-30%!

Patients who are experiencing infection in their bone (or osseous) below the apex of the tooth root may qualify depending on their medical necessity to remove that infection. The treatments associated with removing the osseous infection would then in turn result in benefit utilization for bone grafting, prosthesis (or dentures) and in some cases even implants!

Now, this type of benefit utilization does require patients to have specific Medicare coverage, but rest assured, at Allez Dental, we take the hassle out of insurance for you!

The process begins with our complimentary consultations to meet with you and discuss potential treatments. We will verify your Medicare benefits to ensure that your plan is eligible for these services and treatments. From there we will have you seen by our Harvard trained doctor who’s Implant training and practice exceeds 17 years in the Tampa area!

The detailed exam with the doctor will take not only a dental approach to your care but will also examine your medical history and ensure that the recommended treatment suits all aspects of your needs. Sedation options will be reviewed and recommended to you so that when it’s time for your treatment, all you will need to do is rest easy while our doctor improves your smile!

On the day of your procedure, you will leave the office with new teeth, ready to smile. Although some dental implant treatment options may require a healing period in which your teeth are not supported by the implants from day one, the wait for the healing is well worth the reward of being able to get back to living life to the fullest!

So why wait? Dental implant solutions and your Medicare benefits that are waiting to be utilized is reason enough to call and book your appointment today!

By utilizing the maximum benefits available to you through your policy, we will strive to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to make the dental implant treatment of your dreams a reality. Many patients in your same situation have made the investment in their health, their smile, and their life by choosing dental implants and a Medicare provider who can help reduce their costs.

A choice to have your dental implant procedures done at Allez Dental is a choice to have a certified Medicare Provider with years of helping patients just like you return to a state of dental health! With qualified medical billers assisting in the process, your utilization of benefits has never been easier!